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JISC RSCs (Regional Support Centres) exist to advise the learning providers of designated sectors to realise their ambitions in deployment of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to achieve their organisational mission.

The network of JISC Regional Support Centres operates as a national service responsive to local needs through a strong sense of local ownership. There 13 Regional Support Centres throughout the UK two of which are based in Scotland – one in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow.

This website links to various joint initiatives from the two Scottish RSCs. It also links to their various partner organizations, foremost of which is Discovery, a fitness trainer company who assist us in providing support to families who have been affected by childhood obesity and other health issues related to diet and nutrition or a lack of physical exercise.

Vista Ease of Access Centre – the complete guide

You can now download the complete guide of Ease of Access Centre. The Ease of Access Centre is Microsoft’s revamped version of Accessibility Options and is a big improvement on the previous. Accessibility is now a core element of Vista and provides a one-stop place to customise almost every element of the desktop. One of the most impressive features of Vista is Voice Recognition, a powerful speech-to-text program which provides accurate dictation and control of a computer by voice alone. Although it will probably take some time before colleges move over to Windows Vista operating system, there are some great benefits for learners with additional support needs when they eventually do. You can download the complete guide from the links below or select the ‘Vista Guides’ tab at the top of the page to download individual sections.


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